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Short Bio:

As an artist, writer, entrepreneur, educator, and former manager of an international artisan non-profit organization and a market research firm, Barbara Hengstenberg’s vast experience has culminated in WildesArt, an online gathering place for musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, foodies, and yogis. Through her online community, www.WildesArt.com, Barbara sells her art and connects her audience with a variety of other creatives.

Extended Bio:

Barbara Hengstenberg has always embraced a creative entrepreneurial spirit. She has owned sole proprietorships, and has managed an international artisan non-profit organization, a market research firm, and many classrooms. Barbara’s experience has culminated in the founding of WildesArt, a gathering place for musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, foodies, and yogis. Through her website, www.WildesArt.com, Barbara sells her meditative drawings, paintings and mixed media collages. She also promotes other artists whom she invites to collaborate in the form of interviews and blogs on WildesArt. Barbara holds an M.A. in Education from the University of Saint Joseph, in Connecticut. She taught in Connecticut Public Schools for over 13 years, where she earned the distinction of Teacher of the Year for the City of Torrington in 2009. Barbara served on the Board of the NC Arts Incubator and is currently serving on their STEAM Advisory Committee. She and her partner organization, The Alliance NC, run Book Squad, getting important children’s books into the hands of kids. Barbara also runs Creativity Sparks, providing online creativity videos for kids. Barbara currently resides on a small farm in North Carolina with her husband, her cat, chickens and rescue alpacas.

Download Artist Photos

Barbara Hengstenberg Zen Room, 976 x 1500, 150dpi, 24bit

Barbara Hengstenberg Zen Room, 976 x 1500, 150dpi, 24bit


Barbara Hengstenberg Outside, 976 x 1500, 150dpi, 24bit

Barbara Hengstenberg Outside, 976 x 1500, 150dpi, 24bit


Download WildesArt Logos

WildesArt Logo Small

Low Res version – 400 x 293, 200dpi, 24 bit. Click to Save As…


WildesArt Logo Large

Hi Res version – 2081x 1524, 200dpi, 24 bit. Click to Save As…





Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg                                                                Alamance Arts Holiday Invitational                                                                          Graham, NC                                                                                                                    November 2019-January 2020

Judge, Jordan-Matthews Arts                                                                                      Juried Student Art Show                                                                                                Siler City, NC                                                                                                                  November 2018 and November 2019

Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
The Root Cellar
Chapel Hill, NC
June-July 2019

Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge
Pittsboro, NC
March 2019-Present

Interview with Chatham Arts Council
Who Values Arts: Barbara Hengstenberg
April 2019

Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
Artists Exhibit and Sale, NC Artshop
Siler City, NC
February 2019-Present

Fearrington Artists Exhibit, PAF Gallery, NC Arts Incubator
Siler City, NC
June-July 2018

Painted Collage Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
Folk Art Exhibit, PAF Gallery, NC Arts Incubator
Siler City, NC
February-March 2018

OutreachNC Magazine, Southern Pines, NC
July-December 2018

Guest Blogger, Main Street Pittsboro
July 2018

Blogger, Mother Earth News
May-July 2018

Columnist, Southern Neighbor Newspaper
Chapel Hill, NC
November 2017-May 2018

Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
PAF Gallery, NC Arts Incubator Holiday Market
Siler City, NC
Winter, 2017

Fearrington Artists Exhibit
Liquidambar Gallery, Pittsboro, NC
March-April 2017

Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
Display of Love Exhibit
Summer, 2016

Concerts for a Cause
Various works by Barbara Hengstenberg exhibited and sold with all profits going to specific charities
Lupine Productions, Pittsboro, NC
Summer/Autumn 2016

Public Art Installation: Pittsboro Street Piano
Pittsboro, NC
Spring, 2016

Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
The Gathering Place, Fearrington Village, Pittsboro, NC
Autumn, 2015

Various Works by Barbara Hengstenberg
The Sarah West Gallery of Fine Art, Smiths Station, AL
Autumn, 2015

Teacher of the Year
City of Torrington, CT
Autumn, 2009

Workshops/Retreats/Courses Facilitated by Barbara Hengstenberg

     Healing Expression: Creating Through Nature
     Art and Healing Mini-Retreat, Chapel Hill, NC
     May 3, 2019

      English as a Second Language 
       Adjunct Faculty, Central Carolina Community College, Pittsboro, NC

Creative Connections: Art & Writing
Co-facilitated by Barbara Hengstenberg and Tara Lynne Groth
Bynum Front Porch, Pittsboro, NC
June 4, 2016

Tapping into Your Creative Core
8-week Workshop Developed and Offered by Barbara Hengstenberg
Spring 2016

Graduate Course: Content Area Reading & Writing
Adjunct Faculty, University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, CT
Spring, 2014

Understanding TEAM: Teacher Education And Mentoring Program
Co-Facilitated by Barbara Hengstenberg and Lori Legendre
Spring, 2013

Publicity Contacts:

For media and print inquiries:  
Barbara Hengstenberg
Wildefern Farm, Bear Creek, North Carolina
[email protected]


Fast Facts:

Barbara was invited by the Parks Department of Pittsboro, NC, to design and paint a street piano, using her “happy” style of Zen folk art, in 2015. The piano continues to hold a special spot on the sidewalk in front of Pittsboro Toys, where many passersby stop to tickle the ivories.

Much of Barbara’s art is inspired by poetry and lyrics. All pieces have been created with permission by the poets/lyricists who inspired them, with sales supporting donated to the charitable organization of their choosing.

As a gathering place for creatives, WildesArt also produces Living Room Sessions, intimate acoustic music videos performed by musicians invited by Barbara.

With philanthropy at the heart of WildesArt, Barbara currently supports 15 charitable organizations through sales of her artwork..

While her reach is world-wide, Barbara also has a strong connection to her local North Carolina community, where she volunteers in various philanthropic board positions.

During her tenure on staff of the international aid organization, Aid to Artisans, Barbara worked to facilitate craft marketing programs and projects in areas worldwide, such as Bangladesh, Hungary, Ghana, Togo, Russia, Mexico, Ecuador, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and the United States.

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