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  1. In 2015 I lost the love of my life, Dave. He was a well rounded man with many interests and I commissioned a drawing by Barbara to commemorate his life & interests. I sent pictures of him, described his many interests, a picture of the house and especially his beloved apple tree and cat, Spike. In January, I received this beautiful creation and I cannot begin to tell you the sense of peace that I have each time I see him smiling on the front porch. This is the memory of Dave that I want to keep. Barbara would send snippets of the artwork to me, collaborate with me on how I would like to see this or that. The surprise in the picture was a “carving” of our initials in a heart in the apple tree!
    If you have sustained a loss in your life, be it an animal or loved one, may I suggest a commissioned art piece done by this wonderful artist, Barbara Hengstenberg. It will provide you with a sense of peace seeing your loved one surrounded in beauty.
    In the interest of full disclosure, Barbara is my sister-in-law Tina Gould’s (the great New England cook featured in Wildesart) sister. I would have written the same comments even if I had not known her for the past 30+ years. Barbara is truly a compassionate and gifted artist.

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